Our Work

In order to combine the demanding requirements of planning at different levels, we bring together different perspectives and disciplines.


Our idea is to have mixed teams of experts working together under one roof so that science and practice go hand in hand.

At two locations with 30 years of experience and over 40 permanent employees, we manage numerous projects, some of which have been in progress for many years. We are open to collaboration with other offices, institutes and networks, also to learn from each project.

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Our services

Monument Preservation Plan
Laboratory/ Diagnostics
Unesco- World Heritage Application
Specialist planning/ Festoration
Monument information System DIS
Monument Assessement
Building Planning
Object Analysis
Museum/ Logistics
Professional service


A selection of current projects provides insight into the diverse tasks and services of ProDenkmal within historic preservation, restoration and object planning as well as in the museum sector and museum logistics.

Unsere Projekte


We keep you up to date on projects, technologies and specialist topics relating to heritage conservation and restoration.

BAUWELT Einblick: Die Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

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Die Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

in der BAUNETZWOCHE #578

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Vom Foto zum 3D - Modell

Structure from Motion: Effektive Erstellung eines digitalen 3D-Modells

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