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A varied history characterizes many historic and listed buildings - in which conversions, changing uses, damage and renovations have taken place.

Researching this history and evaluating it provides the basis for subsequent decisions and actions.

Historic Preservation Plan

The monument preservation plan describes the history of construction and use and evaluates the current inventory of monuments and their furnishings.  The differentiated monument evaluation results in guidelines and concrete recommendations for measures as a binding instrument for the following planning steps. After the measures have been carried out, it serves as documentation and as a basis for maintenance and care.

The monument preservation plan is developed in close cooperation with the monument authorities and the building owners. It thus forms the basis for future decisions by protecting the substance that is important from the point of view of monument preservation on the one hand, but also showing the possible scope for necessary changes on the other. A professionally sound monument preservation plan structures and accelerates coordination processes between building owners, planners and monument authorities.

Our services for this include:

  • Source and literature research
  • Room book / Building book
  • Preparation of basic plans (tachymetric measurements, measurement images, 3D models)
  • restorative, scientific and structural investigations
  • Representation and evaluation in construction phase and binding plans.
  • Creation of a monument concept
  • Formulation of recommended measures

Unesco World Heritage

The World Heritage application presents the applicant with an extremely complex task. First of all, the outstanding features must be worked out and placed in relation to comparable sites. In addition, numerous content-related and formal regulations of UNESCO must be coordinated and served. The necessary interdisciplinary scientific and expert bases are conceptualized and accompanied and merged into a coherent and approvable application.

In addition, UNESCO requires the preparation of a World Heritage Management Plan for each World Heritage Site. In the WMP, all important findings and planning concerning monument conservation, urban renewal, economy, tourism, culture, education and World Heritage education are bundled in a planning and action concept and summarized in a manual for future World Heritage management. The World Heritage Management Plan has the central goal of preserving all values that form the basis for inscription on the World Heritage List and summarizing them in development goals, thus creating the institutional basis for the management of the World Heritage Site.

Our office takes over tasks of project management and control, as well as the content and editorial processing of the contents or the elaboration of individual application parts, such as World Heritage management plans, room books, etc.

Our services for this include:

  • Project control and project management
  • digital room book, basic recording
  • Research, expert opinions
  • World Heritage Application
  • World Heritage Management Plan

Building research and monument documentation

Building research and as-built documentation form an important basis for the monument-compatible handling of particularly valuable buildings, which bear witness to their construction period, but also to layers of time that were added later.

The concrete recording of the building is carried out by means of construction research, dendrochronology, restorative and natural scientific examinations. The direct examination of the object is accompanied by a precise source and literature research and architectural-historical classification. In this combination, the preservation value of the substance and appearance can be determined in a comprehensible manner and allows an overall reliable assessment of the materials, techniques and constructions used. In addition, changes, damage and conservation problems can be recorded and evaluated.

The results of building research and monument documentation thus form an essential basis for all upcoming renovation measures and planning decisions. The current condition and the findings on a building are made accessible and secured by the documentation in words and pictures for all parties involved.

Our services for this include:

  • Source and literature research
  • Building research (dendrochronology, ...)
  • restorative and natural scientific examinations
  • Photo documentation
  • Room book / Building book
  • Representation and evaluation in construction phase plans